Valiant Announces 'Unity' Golden Ticket Promotion

Five readers of the new super-team comic book will get to visit next year's New York Comic-Con for free as part of special promotion.
Valiant Entertainment

Valiant Entertainment is playing Willy Wonka.

The publisher has revealed that five copies of the first issue of its new Unity series, released last week and sold out at the distributor level, have "Golden Ticket Hashtags" hidden in the UPC code box on their front covers. The owners of those five issues will each receive a four-day pass to next year's New York Comic-Con in addition to a tour of the Valiant offices in NYC, dinner with Valiant's editorial staff and a selection of the publisher's collected editions to date.

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"The success of Valiant's return has been a grassroots effort since day one," explained publisher Fred Pierce, "and with Unity #1 now on shelves as Valiant's biggest debut of the year, we wanted to give a few lucky fans the chance to share in our success."

The Golden Ticket Hashtags are to be found on the "Pullbox Exclusive Variant" editions of the issue, with "#UNITYGOLDENTICKET" visible above the price in the UPC code. Somewhere, some small disadvantaged child living with particularly lazy grandparents is getting very excited indeed.