Valiant Entertainment Offers Fans the Chance to Clothe Olympians

Indie comics publisher announces fan vote to choose what the USA Luge team wears during next year's Winter Olympics.
USA Luge

Since its relaunch last summer, Valiant Entertainment -- publisher of such comics as Archer & Armstrong, Shadowman and X-O Manowar -- has gained a lot of positive attention within the comics industry. But, you might wonder, how can a relatively upstart publisher break out into the mainstream? The answer: With an Olympic effort.

Valiant is asking fans to choose which of four uniforms Valiant designed should be chosen for the USA Olympic Luge team in next year's Winter Olympics. Each of the four uniforms was created by Khari Evans, a comic book artist who has worked on the publisher's Harbinger series as part of the company's sponsorship of the USA Luge team, announced last year.

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This isn't the first time that the USA Luge team has worn a Valiant-designed outfit. When the team appeared in the 2012 World Cup and 2013 World Championship seasons, they were wearing uniforms based on the Valiant character X-O Manowar. "A modern, sharp-looking uniform is more than mere aesthetics, as it helps boost the confidence of athletes,” director of marketing and sponsorship for USA Luge, Gordy Sheer, explained in the official announcement of the vote. “Valiant Entertainment has an incredible design sense, and we’re thrilled to have them contributing to the look of the USA Luge helmets and race suits for the Sochi 2014 Games.”

Fans can vote for their choice of "Flagship," "Stargate," "Silver Wave" or "Racer" designs at the USA Luge website until Aug. 23.