'Valiant First' Promises New #1s Each Month Starting in May

The publisher's latest publishing initiative will see Valiant release a new title every month for the second half of 2014, starting with "Rai."
Travel Foreman/Valiant Entertainment

To celebrate the second anniversary of the company's successful re-entry into comics, Valiant Entertainment has come up with an ambitious publishing plan: Starting in May, the publisher will release "a major #1 new series debut" every single month throughout the year.

The initiative is called "Valiant First," with publisher Fred Pierce explaining that the lineup "was very specifically chosen, and will continue our 'slow and steady' approach to growth. You won't see Valiant putting out more than nine core titles a month in 2014."

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Indeed, of the six #1 debuts named by Valiant, only two are intended as ongoing comics -- Rai, by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain, which launches in May, and September's The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage by Jen Van Meter and Roberto de la Torre. The remainder are tied to the publisher's summer event Armor Hunters, with the exception of August's The Delinquents, which features a crossover between the Quantum and Woody and Archer & Armstrong series.

According to executive editor Warren Simons, the goal of the initiative is "to give readers clear and accessible jumping-on points into Valiant's award-winning line." He went on to say that the publisher has "been building momentum with a slew of awards and the best-reviewed line of books on the market -- but 2014 is where you'll see us double our game without doubling the size of our publishing line."

The publisher plans to work with comic store retailers to promote the line, with incentives and promotional material to be announced "in the coming weeks," according to the announcement.