Valiant Promotes Warren Simons to Editor-in-Chief

The executive editor behind the successful relaunch of titles such as "X-O Manowar" and "Harbinger" is given the top job at the New York-based publisher.
Jorge Molina/Valiant Entertainment

Having overseen the relaunch of Valiant Entertainment as a comic book publisher in the position of executive editor since 2011, it comes as little surprise that the company announced on Tuesday that Warren Simons has been named as Valiant’s new editor-in-chief.

In a statement announcing the promotion, Valiant chairman Peter Cuneo said that Simons was “an enormous asset in Valiant's tremendous success,” having “built one of the most talented rosters of creators anywhere in comics today, and […] played an integral role in accomplishing the numerous critical and commercial successes that Valiant has achieved in a very short time.”

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Prior to his time at Valiant, Simons was an editor at Marvel Entertainment, working on award-winning titles like Invincible Iron Man, Immortal Iron Fist and Thor. At Valiant, he has been responsible for relaunching such titles as X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshoot and more.

”It's an absolute privilege to work alongside such incredibly talented and dedicated colleagues and creators every day,” Simons said about his promotion. “In the last three years, the teams have helped fashion a new, bold voice in the industry, and 2014 is going to be an amazing year for Valiant and our fans. I'm energized and excited for what's on the horizon.”

Despite the new title, Simons will continue to edit select Valiant titles, including recent launches Unity and Rai, as well as the current summer event storyline Armor Hunters.