Valiant Releases 'Fully-Animated' Cover for 'Unity' #1 (Exclusive Video)

Unity 8-Bit - P 2013
<p>Unity 8-Bit - P 2013</p>   |   Valiant Entertainment
The publisher goes beyond traditional gimmick covers with the first issue of its new "Unity" series, which features a two-and-a-half minute animated cover introducing the series' concept.

Since the company's re-emergence into the comic book marketplace last year, Valiant Entertainment has enjoyed success with variant covers that play with the idea of what a cover can be. Take, for example, the talking comic book covers that relaunched the line, using QR technology to let the cover "speak" to you -- or November's Unity #1, which will offer a fully animated 8-bit cover.

The cover has been created by the team CineFix's 8-Bit Cinema, and actually exists in two very different incarnations: The first is a traditional 2D printed cover featuring the characters from Unity watching television -- but any smartphone with a QR reader can use that image to unlock a second, animated version of the cover that tells the origin of the book's concept in under three minutes (You can see the video for yourself below).

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Unity is the first time characters from Valiant's other series have teamed up on an ongoing basis, Avengers-style. Written by Matt Kindt with art by Doug Braithwaite, the series features Toyo Harada -- the villain of the regular Harbinger series -- gathering together a team of supporting characters from Archer & Armstrong and other titles to go up against X-O Manowar as the result of current events in the monthly X-O Manowar comic.

This isn't, however, the first time Valiant has played with the 8-bit aesthetic. In April, the publisher celebrated the launch of an 8-bit game based on its Harbinger Wars series with 8-bit styled covers, with a second wave to be published next month. In many ways, Unity's cover is the culmination of this months-long path -- well, until we get a full-length 8-bit animated series based on the comic, of course.

Unity debuts on November 13th, in comic stores and digitally.