Valiant Revives 'Harbinger' Property for New Comic Book Series 'Renegades'

The new title will launch in November ahead of the concept's move into movies as part of Valiant's Sony movie deal.
Darick Robertson/Valiant Entertainment
The new title will launch in November ahead of the concept's move into movies as part of Valiant's Sony movie deal.

When it comes to independent comics publisher Valiant Entertainment, the kids are all right — at least in terms of upcoming new comic book series.

In addition to the recently launched Generation Zero series, the publisher will revive its core Harbinger property in the November-launching Harbinger: Renegades. "It's going to be super exciting. It's one of the most awesome things I've ever written," writer Rafer Roberts told the crowd at Friday's Valiant: The Future of Valiant and Beyond panel at New York Comic Con.

The new series returns Harbinger to the Valiant line in advance of the title's adaptation to the big screen as part of the company's deal with Sony, which also includes the nanotechnology-fueled soldier Bloodshot property.

"You have this team of kids who tried to save the world and failed, and are now trying to put themselves back together," Roberts said about the concept of the new title, referring to the end of the previous series, which ended with one member of the team dead and the remaining members abandoning their cause — and, in one case, the planet Earth altogether. "Everyone has their own baggage and trauma that they have to put together. They have to fight the cynicism themselves before they save the world."

Editor Warren Simons said that Valiant had been pitched for numerous revivals for the property since the original series' conclusion in 2014, but none had clicked the way Roberts' had. "There's a line in Rafer's pitch, which was 'It may be hopeless, but that doesn't mean you stop fighting.' That's what you need to know about this book," he promised.

According to CEO Dinesh Shamdasani, Valiant has intentionally been "very coy with this book," adding, "I think this book will fly under the radar, but this is going to be a major force in the universe moving forward. You guys have no idea what's going to happen with this book. It's going to be amazing."

Harbinger: Renegades launches Nov. 30.

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