Valiant Sets Virtual Portfolio Reviews for New Comic Creators

Quantum and Woody cover - Publicity- H 2020
David Nakayama/Valiant Entertainment
Sequential artists, cover artists, letterers and colorists are invited to submit for a virtual session with senior editors next week.

With in-person comic book conventions on hold amid the COVID-19 pandemic, wannabe creators have lost the all-important opportunity to get their work in front of publishers and editors for advice and, just maybe, the chance to be published. Valiant Entertainment has announced plans to help fix that, via a virtual portfolio review program.

Running July 9-10, Valiant senior editors Heather Antos and Lysa Hawkins will offer 10 minute one-on-one sessions with 20 potential sequential artists, cover artists, colorists and letterers, chosen from those applying for the program by emailing the address portfolioreview@valiantentertainment.com with their submission and contact information. Emails must be received by 9 a.m. PT July 8, with those chosen to participate receiving notification by 7 p.m. PT the day before the review.

"With convention season on pause due to the pandemic, it's been important to us at Valiant to continue the outreach with both fans and creators alike that we would normally be able to do in person — and that includes one-on-one portfolio reviews with up-and-coming talent," Antos said in a statement. “Furthermore, we recognize that not every creator out there has the means or ability to travel to conventions, and it's important to us to be as accessible as possible to those creators looking to get their feet in the door."

More information about the portfolio review program, including submission guidelines, can be found here.