Valiant's 'Faith' Launching Breast Cancer Awareness Partnership at New York Comic Con

Fan-favorite hero Faith will become the organization's "comics ambassador" as part of the outreach effort.
Kevin Wada/Valiant Entertainment
Fan-favorite hero Faith will become the organization's "comics ambassador" as part of the outreach effort.

Valiant Entertainment's Faith is having a pretty good 2016.

Her first solo series turned the hero into an online phenomenon with the first issue alone pushed through five printings, leading to her headlining the company's fall 2016 promotion and meeting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. And starting next month, she'll go from saving fictional lives to attempting to save real ones by becoming the "comics ambassador" for breast cancer awareness organization Keep A Breast.

The relationship between Keep A Breast and Valiant will officially launch at next month's New York Comic Con, with the release of a #CheckYourselfie variant cover for Faith No. 3 that features the company's heroes in the pose popularized by Keep A Breast's social media campaign of the same name.

"We're a relatively small organization with a large reach, and we want to get into relationships that are long term, so we're really looking at Faith becoming part of our family," Keep A Breast founder and CCO Shaney Jo Darden told Fast Company about the partnership between her organization and Valiant. "This is our first real introduction to this incredible community of passionate people… Comic fans are passionate about comics, they're passionate about art, and for us, it's a whole new opening for us that we're really excited about."

Future plans include a special comic created to spread the charity's message, as well as Keep A Breast ads appearing in Valiant titles and Faith being added to Keep A Breast's existing app.

For Valiant, the partnership offers the publisher the chance to expand on the success of the Faith series, which has already become its most high profile title. "We're constantly looking for ways to reach new audiences with our content, and introducing people who know Keep A Breast well to Faith is beneficial to us, of course," Valiant's CFO Gavin Cuneo told Fast Company. "We're sure those who don't know Faith already, she will resonate with those people."

Such attempts to introduce the character to new audiences are just a taster for what lies ahead; as one fifth of the team at the center of the Harbinger concept, Faith's star will rise even higher when Sony's Harbinger movie — part of a five-movie deal with Valiant — is released.