Valiant's Latest Super Hero Launch: A Frozen Beverage Ideal for Summer

Indie comic publisher teams with NY-based coffee roaster for "X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast," available through the summer.
Oren's Daily Roast/Valiant Entertainment

Starting Friday, fans of Valiant Entertainment’s X-O Manowar series won’t just be able to read about their favorite hero, they’ll be able to drink him, as well. As part of a partnership with local coffee roaster Oren’s Daily Roast and comic book chain Midtown Comics, X-O Manowar will become a limited edition frozen drink for the summer.

The X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast is described as “a deliciously cold combination of frozen matcha green tea and vanilla perfect for the height of summer,” and it’ll be available from each of the ten Oren’s Daily Roast locations in Manhattan for the next three months. In addition, all coffee or tea purchased at any of those locations over the next three months will come with a sleeve redeemable at any of Midtown Comics’ three Manhattan locations for a free Valiant Entertainment comic.

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“It was a Valiant supporter within Oren’s that first brought this idea to our attention,” Valiant’s president of consumer products, promotions and ad sales Russell A. Brown explained in a statement accompanying the announcement of the promotion. “With the major marquee locations of both Oren’s and Midtown just two blocks from one another in the heart of Times Square, this a perfect opportunity to bring even more new fans of X-O Manowar and the entire Valiant Universe into the fold.”

The official launch will be marked with an invite-only release party in Oren’s Times Square location between 3 and 5pm on Friday, coinciding with both this week’s release of Armor Hunters No. 1, launching Valiant’s summer event storyline and this weekend’s Special Edition NYC comic convention.