Valiant's 'Unity' Joins Amazon Kindle World Fan-Fic Platform

Valiant Entertainment's super team is licensed to Amazon's fan-fiction program ahead of its comic book debut, in stores tomorrow.
Doug Braithwaite/Valiant Entertainment

If you're so excited about Valiant Entertainment's new series Unity -- introducing that publisher's own version of the Avengers, with characters like Livewire, Ninjak and Harbinger's Toyo Harada joining forces to take on X-O Manowar -- that you want to write some fan fiction about it, then here's some good news: You might be able to make some money doing so.

Unity will be added to Valiant's licenses available on Amazon Publishing's Kindle Worlds platform, joining existing series like Shadowman, Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong, the publisher announced. Kindle Worlds licenses properties for digital publication through Amazon, essentially legally monetizing fan-fic.

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"Kindle Worlds continues to be an amazing showcase for Valiant's most popular characters, and now authors and readers can finally bring them together under the auspices of the Unity team," said Valiant CFO Gavin Cuneo. "Build your own roster, send them on solo missions and introduce your own favorite arch-villain -- we had a tremendous time bringing the Unity comic book to life, and now it's our distinct pleasure to let fans do the same through the prism of Kindle Worlds and their incredible fan-fiction platform."

Valiant is pushing Unity's addition to Kindle Worlds with a promotion on its Facebook page, with the publisher giving away a number of Kindle Paperwhite devices customized with artwork from Unity artist Doug Braithwaite.

Unity will be released digitally and in comic book stores on November 13.