'Vampirella/Red Sonja' Comic Offers a Time-Traveling Buddy Cop Team

The two iconic comic book heroines team up for the ongoing series this September.
Julian Totino Tedesco/Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment has an unexpected way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of horror comics icon Vampirella: a new series that places the character firmly in the year in which she was created — and then throws barbarian hero Red Sonja into the mix.

"Vampirella and Red Sonja are like the buddy cop team we never realized we wanted or could have. We’re hoping to stick the landing on something funny, upbeat and mysterious," writer Jordie Bellaire said in a statement about the new Vampirella/Red Sonja comic book series. "Vampirella and Red Sonja will begin as strangers but soon become fast friends that look to support and encourage the other, all while being comical and maybe slightly murderous.”

The series, which will pair Bellaire (Redlands, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) with artist Drew Moss (Copperhead, Creepy), isn’t intended as a short-term stunt, but as an ongoing series that will cross time and space.

"This is the first time Vampirella and Red Sonja will be together in an ongoing series, and it’s been crazy cool to see what Jordie's got planned for the long haul here, and how Drew, Rebecca [Nalty, color artist] and Becca [Carey, letterer] are visualizing it," editor Nate Cosby added in his own statement. "We're delving deep into character and personality with both V and RS, creating a truly special dynamic. And there’s no ‘vs.’ in the title…. These two are joining forces to kick the ass of anything and everything that comes their way!"

Vampirella/Red Sonja launches in September.