Vault Comics Launches Horror Line 'Nightfall'

Nightfall Vault-Publicity-H 2019
Joshua Hixson/Vault Comics
The banner will push new scary stories from September through December each year, according to the indie publisher.

Starting later this year, Halloween won’t be the only annual horror event crawling from the graves as the nights get longer. Indie publisher Vault Comics has announced Nightfall, a new recurring slate of horror publishing from September through December.

"Nightfall will begin as annual event, bringing you some delightfully dreadful comics from some truly remarkable creators each fall,” Vault CEO and publisher Damian Wassel said Thursday in a statement accompanying the news. “But, like every initiative we launch at Vault, we have some big, as yet unspoken plans for Nightfall, to bring our readers more of that late-October feeling horror fans crave.”

“For a little over two years, Vault’s mission has been to bring you the best in science fiction and fantasy. But there’s no denying our affection for the macabre has wormed its way into many of our series,” added Wassel’s brother, Adrian, who serves as Vault’s editor-in-chief. “Nightfall — even more than an annual event — is a badge. It tells readers and retailers which of our stories will be truly terrifying. Sure, they might contain some sci-fi or fantasy, but if you crack open a Nightfall cover, your skin will crawl.”

The first title to feature the Nightfall banner will be The Plot, by Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel and Joshua Hixson, which Moreci described as “the most emotional book I’ve ever written.” The series, about a man who becomes legal guardian to the children of his estranged brother after his death, is the first of two Nightfall titles planned for this year.

The Plot will be released in September.