'Money Shot' Comic Getting Promotional Boost From ComicHub

Money Shot Header-Publicity-H 2019
Rebekah Isaacs/Vault Comics
The new title from Vault Comics is set to launch in October.

Independent comic publisher Vault Comics has partnered with ComicHub, the comic book retail software provider, to promote the upcoming launch of new series Money Shot directly to those responsible for ordering and hand-selling the title to customers.

The partnership will mean promotion of the title through ComicHub’s system directly to comic retailers, including use of the system’s “Available At” map feature and direct-to-reader marketing and pre-order tools, offering ready-made methods for retailers to introduce the title to their customer base. Additionally, retailers who already participate in Vault’s own BOOK IT pre-order system will receive $100 off the Comic Hub sign-up fee if they join during the partnership.

With this new arrangement, Vault follows in the footsteps of Boom! Studios, which partnered with ComicHub in June to promote the launch of Once and Future. It was evidently a successful relationship, with the first issue of the series selling out at the distributor level multiple times before officially being released.

In a statement accompanying the announcement of the partnership, ComicHub vp Atom! Freeman said, “We have worked with a lot of publishers since beginning ComicHub, and few have impressed us the way that the team at Vault have. Their commitment to building quality books and growth in the Direct Market have been fun to watch and a joy to collaborate on. The ideas and innovation they bring to projects like Money Shot guarantee them a place as a powerhouse in this industry.”

Announced in July, Money Shot is a series by Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie, Rebekah Isaacs, Kurt Michel Russell and Crank! in which the final frontier of space exploration is funded by packaged pornography shot by, and starring, the astronauts themselves.

Money Shot is set to launch Oct. 23.