'Veep's David Mandel, 'Colony's Ryan Condal Tackling Props, Memorabilia in New Podcast

Dave Mandel Stuff Dreams are Made of Ryan Condal
Courtesy of Rooster Teeth (3)
'The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of' will be a 12-part podcast series on the wild world of collecting Tinseltown's treasures.

The high-stakes world of Hollywood memorabilia and prop collecting is getting the spotlight in The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, a 12-part podcast series from two of Hollywood’s big collectors, Veep showrunner David Mandel and Colony co-creator Ryan Condal.

The podcast hails from Rooster Teeth and will debut Oct. 22 across prominent audio streaming platforms including Apple, Spotify and RoosterTeeth.com. Rooster Teeth’s podcast network The Roost will represent the show for sales and distribution.

According to Rooster Teeth, each episode will focus on a different aspect of prop collecting, from fakes and authenticity to movie gun collecting to buying at auction. Additionally, episode will focus on the sale of legendary pieces such as all seven pairs of ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

“This has been a dream project of mine since I stole my first props off the set of Seinfeld,” said Mandel in a statement.  “Ryan and I met through collecting and have conversations like these all the time. Thanks to Rooster Teeth, we now have a home to indulge in our obsessions and share them on the show.”

Condal, who co-wrote the Dwayne Johnson vehicle Rampage and is showrunning Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, said, “What first attracted me to the hobby is the history and mystery of it. We thought it would be a lot of fun to share our stories with like-minded collectors, casual fans, and people who can’t believe that we spend our time doing this.”

Mandel, who got his television start on iconic comedy Seinfeld quipped: “Also, let’s not lie: we are desperately hoping people offer us some really cool stuff to buy for our collection because of this podcast.”

The shows will also feature personal stories of collecting.  Condal will talk about one object he sold then spent nine years trying to get it back.  Mandel will regale tales of hiring a private eye to find a Star Wars piece and the  time he was bidding in an auction against one of the richest men in  the world.

“As devoted fans and creators of iconic entertainment, David and Ryan are brilliant storytellers and The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of is the perfect format for them to weave their personal Hollywood experiences with rarely-heard tinseltown history,” said head of Rooster Teeth Studios, Ryan P. Hall.