Comic-Con: 'Veronica Mars' Releases Teaser Trailer, Behind-the-Scenes Reel (Video)

The Kickstarter-funded film drops its first footage online after screening it for fans in San Diego.
Warner Bros.
"Veronica Mars"

SAN DIEGO -- The Veronica Mars movie is no longer a hypothetical.

After treating fans at Comic-Con to a first glimpse at the upcoming Kickstarter-funded feature, the Warner Bros. film unleashed behind-the-scenes footage and the first proper trailer online late Friday night.

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"It's been a very long day, so I'll keep this short and sweet," creator Rob Thomas wrote in his 48th e-mail update to his Kickstarter backers. "This morning, we showed off the first footage from the movie in Hall H, to a packed crowd. Tomorrow, we'll share it with the press. I wanted you to see it tonight."

The video, clocking in at just under five minutes, includes clips from the production, cast interviews, fan praise and a teaser trailer. It doesn't provide much insight into the hush-hush plot, but it does make the return to Neptune feel like no time has passed. 

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"I can tell you that it sort of has a Godfather III theme to it," Thomas said earlier in the day, "which is odd, because why not pick Godfather II? It was better. … I can tell you Veronica has not worked as a private detective since the last time you saw her. Part of this movie is her getting back into this life she thought she left behind."


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