Vertigo Announces New WWII Series -- With Royal Superheroes

New series imagines an alternate history where super-powered Royals entered the Second World War following the Blitz.
Simon Coleby/DC Entertainment

There's apparently something in the air over in the United Kingdom -- perhaps some kind of psychic hangover from the Royal Wedding of two years ago. How else to explain the fact that, a week after news comes from Britain of a comic that features the Royal Family in a Hunger Games-esque fight-for-survival, DC/Vertigo announces a new series where the Royal Family are superheroes, literally saving the world during the Second World War.

The Royals: Masters of War is the first Vertigo project from the creative team of 2000AD regulars Rob Williams and Simon Coleby, with the former describing the series as "Downton Abbey crossed with the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan."

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Set during the Blitz of 1940, the series follows what happens when the Royal Family -- who, for the purposes of this series, actually do have special abilities that set them apart from the rest of the United Kingdom -- decide to intercede in the war that is tearing their country apart. Artist Coleby told Comics Alliance that, "while there’s a satirical edge here, this, ultimately, is a story about power and control, and how a small group of individuals attempt to make a difference against overwhelming odds."

The Royals: Masters of War will be released digitally and in comic book stores next February. What genre the Royal Family shows up in next, however, remains to be seen…