'Victor Frankenstein' Trailer: James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe Tell Mad Scientist's Side of Story

"We shall create life out of death."

The first trailer for Fox's Victor Frankenstein shows a different side to Mary Shelley's famous scientist gone wrong. No longer is he just a madman obsessed with creating the modern Prometheus — now, he's also a surprisingly charming egomaniac and, just maybe, a potential hero.

James McAvoy plays Frankenstein, while Daniel Radcliffe transforms the role of Igor from tragic minion to sarcastic sidekick — and, as can be seen in the trailer, unfortunate punching bag for early attempts to create life. ("Being electrocuted, chased by monsters, and hunted by the police?" Igor says at one point, describing his experiences at Frankenstein's side; as job descriptions go, it's hardly the most appealing.)

Also appearing in the movie is Sherlock's Andrew Scott, playing Frankenstein's police nemesis, Inspector Roderick Turpin, and Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay as Lorelei.

Directed by Paul McGuigan from a screenplay by Max Landis, Victor Frankenstein opens Nov. 25.