Anthony Mackie on Falcon's Flying Fault in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' (Video)

The actor may have 25 skydiving jumps under his belt, but it wasn't always smooth soaring while filming the Captain America sequel.
Anthony Mackie

In becoming Captain America's airborne colleague in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie said his biggest concern was looking silly next to lead superhero Chris Evans.

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"I didn't want to look like a pigeon! Because on set, the wings weren't that big," he said on Good Morning America on Thursday, holding up his hand to just inches away from his shoulder. "It looked more like a pheasant … it was nerve-wracking!"

But actually soaring as the latest Marvel addition was somewhat of a breeze, as the actor is an avid skydiver with "25 jumps under this belt!" he said. "It was great. It was painful. There's nothing in the human nature that prepares you to fly and land. So landing is the hard part, just trying to not run into stuff."

Mackie mentioned that Samuel L. Jackson, who plays SHIELD director Nick Fury, continued his character's leadership role when not filming as well. "Can't beat him -- he's one of my closest friends; I love him to death. He really takes care of all the young actors in the Marvel universe."

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Watch the clip below:

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