How Do the Trailers for 'Fifty Shades' and 'Secretary' Line Up? (Video)

It's James Spader's E. Edward Grey versus Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey in the battle of the big-screen BDSM romances.

A beautiful but inexperienced young woman walks into the office of a powerful businessman named Mr. Grey, and the two embark upon a steamy sadomasochistic affair together.

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That logline applies as much to Universal's massively anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation as it does to Secretary, the 2002 indie sleeper in which James Spader plays E. Edward Grey (yes, Grey), a sexually dominant attorney who falls for his submissive secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

How similar are the two films? To find out, we placed their trailers side by side. The results are strikingly symmetrical — so much so that you may find yourself wondering which movie the dialogue is actually coming from.

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"Polite, intense, smart and intimidating." Is that in reference to Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey or Spader's E. Edward? "I've found someone to love in a way that feels right." Was that Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele or Gyllenhaal's Lee Holloway speaking just then?

Does it even matter? By the time the two title cards eerily appear on the screen at precisely the same moment, it's S&M deja vu all over again.