Vin Diesel Debuts Comic-Con 'Riddick' Poster (Photo)

Riddick Poster - P - 2013
The third installment in the sci-fi action series is set for release Sept. 6.

With that piercing eye, Riddick almost looks Terminator-like. 

Vin Diesel has teased the 2013 Comic-Con poster for the latest installment in his sci-fi action series. The title character appears on the poster drenched in red-tinted darkness, looking predictably ready for battle. 

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The third film has been described as being a smaller-scale thriller akin to the original Pitch Black rather than continuing the space-opera expansiveness of 2004's Chronicles of Riddick

And the recently released trailer shows Riddick facing down a series of mercenaries who are hunting him down on a desolate planet filed with hostile-looking alien life forms. 

The Universal film, directed David Twohy, has set a release date of Sept. 6.