Vincent Chase Ruins 'Star Wars' in 'Entourage' Parody Mashup (Video)

'Startourage' imagines what would happen if the 'Entourage' boys went to a galaxy far, far away.

The boys from HBO's Entourage were never known for their good taste or discretion.

A new parody takes that to the extreme, imagining what would happen if Vincent Chase were given the keys to the Star Wars kingdom. In STARTOURAGE: The Foursome Awakens, Johnny Drama gets to do the trailer voiceover, Lloyd plays an Ewok and scantily clad women dance around — a lot.

The parody was shot over 13 hours at a movie ranch in Canyon Country and produced by Windowseat. If you notice Turtle's affinity for sandwiches, that's because the piece was commissioned by Quiznos, which has done other movie mashups as part of a viral marketing campaign.

The Star Wars stuff looks pretty authentic, and the producers' legal department had to approve everything — from script to the final cut — to ensure the video wouldn't put them in legal hot water. 

"The whole idea is not to make fun of Entourage or Star Wars, but to pay homage and spoof if in a positive light," Windowseat Creative Producer Ruth Du tells The Hollywood Reporter.

After the well-received Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that premiered Thursday, fans will be happy Vinnie Chase wasn't involved.