Vinessa Shaw Starring in Dark Fairy Tale 'Siren' (Exclusive)

Vinessa Shaw Jesse Peyronel - P 2011
<p>Vinessa Shaw Jesse Peyronel - P 2011</p>   |   Getty Images
The indie film will be the directorial debut of feature and TV scribe Jesse Peyronel.

Vinessa Shaw is starring in Siren, an indie which marks the directorial debut of feature and TV scribe Jesse Peyronel.

Siren is a dark modern romantic fairy tale about a girl with a very unique curse: her scent makes her irresistible to all men.  

Peyronel wrote the script two years ago and was moved to direct after being inspired by seeing his friends and fellow filmmakers do well at this past year’s Sundance with movies such as Sound of my Voice and Like Crazy.

The script grew its roots from Peyronel’s interest in fairy tales, Greek classics and, intriguingly, comic books.

“It’s really a grounded intimate look at someone who has a special ability but looked at in a personal way,” says Peyronel. “It’s takes a more a realistic look at an X-Men-style power.”

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Music and color is playing a strong role in the movie. Peyronel, when casting and staffing the movie, sent out the script with a packet that included not only photos of the look he was going for but also a link to a playlist that could be listened to while reading. He used a color chart to show how the tone of movie shifts from fairy tale to romance to thriller.

Rounding out the Siren cast are Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim) Bess Wohl (CSI:NY) and Ross Partridge (The Off-Hours).

Meg Thomson (dot the i) and Ludo Poppe (Peking Express) of Eccho Media are producing the movie, which is shooting in Massachusetts.

Shaw starred with Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow in James Gray’s Two Lovers and counts 3:10 to Yuma and the recent Chris Evans movie Puncture as her credits.

Peyronel is repped by Gersh while Shaw is repped by ICM.