'Fun Fun Fun World' Is an Alien Invasion Story With a Twist (Exclusive Preview)

Fun Fun Fun World - Publicity -H 2019
Yehudi Mercado/Oni Press
The new graphic novel comes from 'Sci Fu' creator Yehudi Mercado.

Taking over the world is a lot easier when you happen to know just what world you’re invading — a distinction at the heart of Fun Fun Fun World, an upcoming graphic novel from creator Yehudi Mercado and Oni Press next year. Heat Vision has an exclusive look at the face of our would-be alien overlords and more.

The book follows the attempt of the inept crew of the alien warship Devastorm 5 to conquer Earth and finally prove their worth to their all-powerful queen — the only problem being, their planned invasion begins with the now-derelict amusement park Fun Fun Fun World, which isn’t exactly a representative sample for the rest of the planet, a fact that could have truly deadly repercussions not only for the crew of the Devastorm 5, but for everyone else on the planet, as well.

Fun Fun Fun World is Mercado’s follow-up to Sci Fu, his 2018 mashup of hip-hop, sci-fi and kung fu tropes, which is due to return for a second run late next year. Additionally, Mercado is the creator of Hero Hotel, a weekly narrative podcast from the kid-centric audio service Pinna, with new episodes every Thursday. He is currently working on the show’s second season.

Fun Fun Fun World will be released by Oni Press in April. Some brand-new preview pages from the title are shown below.