Image/Skybound Comics' 'The Walking Dead' No. 95 Preview (Exclusive)

Creator Robert Kirkman warns what's ahead for Rick and company as they approach Jesus' Hilltop community in the third part of the comic's "A Larger World" arc.

Has Jesus led Rick and company into the promised land of a new community complete with resources or is the group heading for another epic confrontation?

In issue No. 94 of Robert Kirkman's Image/Skybound Comic The Walking Dead, Jesus led the fearless leader to the Hilltop, a community he claims that can offer the group everything it needs to sustain itself.

STORY: Image/Skybound's 'The Walking Dead' No. 94 Preview (Exclusive)

After being held hostage and beaten, Jesus freed revealed that he wasn't exactly being held against his will as he was easily able to free himself and opted to remain in captivity in a bid to win Rick's trust.

"Rick is extremely wary of everyone. But once he learned that Jesus could have freed himself at any moment and chose not to, that caused him to begin to trust Jesus somewhat," Kirkman tells The Hollywood Reporter.

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With the group on the cusp of discovering what awaits them within the Hilltop, they're either about to stumble onto a new way of life or an epic battle. "Nobody knows what to expect from anyone else, so everyone would be fearful of any human interaction from anyone," Kirkman says. "But as Jesus has revealed, the Hilltop operates on a basis of finding other communities and sharing resources, so this is something that they’re used to. What the actual reaction will be is currently unknown but will be revealed very soon in this issue

"I certainly wouldn't expect things to go extremely well because of what you see on the cover," he warns.

Check out the first five pages of issue No. 95 -- exclusive to THR -- below. 


















The Walking Dead No. 95 hits stands Wednesday. How bad of a confrontation do you think RIck and company are in for?

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