New 'Walking Dead' Mobile Gaming Details Revealed

The Walking Dead  - Season 9 - Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - Publicity-H 2018
Victoria Will/AMC
FTX Games is working on social casino and match-3 games based on the hit AMC series.

FTX Games is no stranger to publishing fan-servicing mobile titles based on popular Hollywood properties. Its long-running Hunger Games Adventures has allowed players to continue Katniss' dystopia-surviving stories on their smartphones, while, more recently, its Narcos: Cartel Wars has offered each fan of the Netflix show the opportunity to play kingpin in the palm of their hand.

The publisher — who also recently announced a mobile title based on CBS' Criminal Minds — is now tackling AMC's The Walking Dead.

"With our deal with AMC, we're able to bring kind of a new take [on The Walking Dead] to the gaming platform. We're really going about it in a more casual way, with games that appeal to a broader audience," FTX Games head of business development Aaron Berndtson tells The Hollywood Reporter.

That mainstream approach will spawn multiple titles, beginning with a social casino entry and a match-3 adventure game, both coming to the App Store and Google Play. The former, developed by Fox Cub, will blend elements of the series with the popular slot machine sim genre.

"It will include storylines, scenes and environments from the show, and machines will feature fan-favorite characters. It will also include a variety of minigames that leverage iconic moments from the show," he said.

The second game, developed by Kung Fu Factory, aims to offer a fresh take on the ubiquitous match-3 genre by featuring some survival elements and cooperative play.

"It will include dynamic battles and set pieces true to the show, as well as brand-new survivor stories involving characters from The Walking Dead's past and present," said Berndtson. "The game will also feature a robust multiplayer component where players will combine efforts with others and form alliances to accomplish goals and missions, and to stay alive."

Berndtson wouldn't reveal what specific characters would be featured in the two games but assured that all fan-favorites, including those who may have met an untimely demise, will be accounted for. Much like the publisher's Hunger Games and Narcos entries, these infected entries will also update regularly to reflect new characters, environments and storylines introduced on the show.

Casual gamers craving their next free-to-play fix will be able to check out the social casino game — and hopefully line up three bloody Negan bats for a jackpot — by the end of the year, while the match-3 adventure will shamble onto tablets and smartphones in the first half of 2019.

The Walking Dead launches season 9 on Oct. 7 on AMC. Check back to THR.com/WalkingDead for complete coverage.