War Is Even More Hell in 'Monsters: Dark Continent' Trailer

It's the army versus tentacled monsters in the follow-up to Gareth Edwards' cult movie
Courtesy of Vertigo Films

Before Godzilla, there was Monsters — director Gareth Edwards’ critically-acclaimed 2010 movie about the invasion of Earth by a race of giant, tentacled behemoths. This month, in the wake of Edwards’ success resurrecting the iconic Japanese monster, his own beasties are making their own comeback in Monsters: Dark Continent.

With Edwards busy not only on the next installment of the Legendary’s Godzilla franchise, but also his upcoming Star Wars gig, he only served as executive producer on this follow-up, with directorial duties handled by Tom Green, known for his work on British television series Misfits and Blackout. If that sounds as if the new movie might be lacking in terms of scale, the new trailer may disabuse you of that notion: Think Jarhead meets Cloverfield and you’re not a million miles away.

Starring Joe Demspie, Sofia Boutella and Johnny Harris, Monsters: Dark Continent will be released in British cinemas Nov. 28. No American release has been announced as yet.