"War Is Coming" in First 'Warcraft' Trailer Tease

Dragons, Orcs and wolves, oh my.
Courtesy of Dunan Jones/@manmademoon

Can't wait until Friday to see the Warcraft trailer? Legendary Pictures is hoping that's the case and is offering a little incentive to make the trailer more enticing: a 15-second "trailer tease," debuting footage from the movie to the general public for the first time.

What can be seen in the tease? Some fantasy monsters — both Orcs and dragons are present, as is what looks like a well-trained wolf at the 0:10 mark — and a lot of action, whether it's humans jumping over castle walls into midair, guns being fired directly at the viewer or hordes of Orcs on the rampage.

Those looking for more might be disappointed, however; there's no dialogue and no hint at the plot of the movie, beyond "fighting." (That's what Friday's trailer is for, after all.)

Duncan Jones directed the adaptation of the Blizzard gaming franchise World of Warcraft, with actors appearing in the movie including Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster, Paula Patton and Clancy Brown. The movie opens June 10, 2016.