Warner Bros. Launches 'Infinite Crisis' DC Superhero Game (Video)

The new online game featuring variations on DC's superhero characters goes into open beta mode Friday, accompanied by a new trailer asking, "What do you fight for?"
Warner Bros. Interactive/DC Entertainment

Infinite Crisis, the Multiple Online Battle Arena game based on DC Entertainment’s superhero characters, finally launched in open beta mode Friday and celebrated with the release of one final trailer asking fans, “What do you fight for?”

The free-to-play game gives users the chance to play as multiple versions of such iconic characters as Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern thanks to the “alternate worlds” conceit of the game, which unlocks the chance for steampunk and horror takes on the familiar heroes.

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The latest trailer for the game downplays that aspect, instead showcasing various members of the Justice League in battle with some of their best-known foes while offering suggestions for what each character represents.

The game was developed by Turbine and released by Warner Bros. Interactive and can be found here. Watch the trailer below for a glimpse at the multiversal carnage that awaits should you sign up.