Warner Bros. Studio Tours Announce Summer 'Batman Exhibit'

Bat-costumes, Bat-Pods and Bat-Signals alike will be on show during the summer celebration of all things cinematic Dark Knight.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of DC Entertainment’s Batman, Warner Bros. is transforming part of its Studio Tour museum into a miniature Gotham City for the summer.

More than half of the ground floor of the museum will be given over to The Batman Exhibit, a limited-run exhibit that includes Batman costumes from the character’s cinematic history (including those worn by Michael Keaton and Christian Bale in Batman and The Dark Knight Rises, respectively), as well as props from various Bat-related features.

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The exhibit will extend beyond the museum, however, including “iconic locations from the movies,” as well as a stop in the Warner Bros. Pictures Car Museum, which will feature not only the Batmobile, but also the Bat-Pod and Tumbler from The Dark Knight, as well as the Bat-Signal, which will be available to be used by tour guests. Just don’t expect a Dark Knight to show up every time it’s switched on; he’s probably busy fighting crime somewhere, instead.

The Batman Exhibit launched June 26. More details can be found here.