Warren Ellis to Revive 'Project Superpowers'

The writer of "Planetary," "The Authority" and "Secret Avengers" will resurrect heroes from comics' early Golden Age for Dynamite Entertainment.
Jae Lee/Dynamite Entertainment

Throughout his 20-plus-year career in comics, Warren Ellis has become known for his ability to take existing characters and concepts and find new spins on them almost as much as for his original works like Transmetropolitan, RED and Global Frequency. His short run on Iron Man informed Shane Black's Iron Man 3 and his current Moon Knight series at Marvel is gaining critical and fan plaudits the character hasn't seen in decades. Now Dynamite Entertainment is bringing Ellis on to revamp an entire universe, giving the writer the keys to its Project Superpowers franchise.

Project Superpowers, which launched in 2008 under the control of fan-favorite artist Alex Ross, resurrected a number of superhero characters originally published in the 1930s and '40s that have since fallen into the public domain -- The Black Terror, Captain Future and the Green Lama -- for a number of series published over a three year period. An earlier attempt at a revival of the franchise last year, again with Ross' involvement, lasted one miniseries before quietly disappearing.

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"We've been waiting for the right creative vision to bring back Dynamite's Superpowers universe, and I can't think of anyone better than Warren to do so," Dynamite CEO and publisher Nick Barrucci said in a statement accompanying the announcement. "I was elated that both came together. He will make this series his own and will bring a larger audience to Dynamite's Superpowers universe. This is truly an honor to be working with him, as Warren elevates Dynamite to a new level."

Ellis admitted that he has "long been fascinated by the period in comics that produced these characters," adding that he's looking forward to "working out the strange, atmospheric take on the weird thriller that they inspired. Also, it's going to be a pleasure to finally do a job through the good offices of my old friend Nick Barrucci."

Ellis' revised Project Superpowers line will launch later this year.