Warren Ellis Revives Image Comics' 'Supreme' in July

Ellis will team with artist Tula Lotay for "Supreme: Blue Rose," a revision of the superhero best known for runs from Rob Liefeld and Alan Moore in the 1990s.
Tula Lotay/Image Comics

The mightiest man in the universe is set to return -- in a form that no one could see coming. Image Comics has announced that Warren Ellis will revive Supreme, the analog Superman best known by comic fans for being written by Watchmen co-creator Alan Moore in the late 1990s, in a new series launching this summer.

The character’s first appearance was in 1992’s Youngblood #3, with creator Rob Liefeld positioning the character as an avenging angel, godlike being or reformed criminal at various times during his early years. In 1996, Moore revised the character’s origins to turn him into a more direct Superman-like hero, complete with new companions analogous to Lois Lane, Supergirl, Lex Luthor and even Krypto the Superdog.

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Moore’s take on Supreme has since become the most commonly accepted version, despite a 2012 revival that attempted to return the character to his more misanthropic roots. Although Image hasn’t revealed details about Ellis’ new series, to be titled Supreme: Blue Rose, the writer’s comments suggest that he’s looking to create something that owes to both Liefeld's and Moore’s versions.

“One day I woke up with an idea, that came out of nowhere, for how to extend this most strange and storied of 'analogue' properties into a new space,” Ellis explained in a statement accompanying Image’s announcement, describing the idea as “a new floor on top of Alan Moore's and Rob Liefeld's house.” He continued, “Since I had some time on my hands that year, I emailed Image, and we got my friend Tula Lotay involved -- and her work will be a revelation to people.”

Lotay’s name may be familiar to fans from her work for DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint; she has illustrated a story for The Witching Hour and will be contributing to the recently announced time travel murder mystery Bodies. Both Bodies and Supreme: Blue Rose launch this July.