Warwick Davis' Selfies Tease 'Star Wars' Villain's Return

Star Wars Force Awakens 3 H 2014
<p>Star Wars Force Awakens 3 H 2014</p>   |   Walt Disney Studios
Will an unexpected Dark Lord of the Sith show up in 'The Force Awakens'?

Warwick Davis has shared a couple of selfies from the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens — and, in doing so, teased the return of a character many fans believed they’d seen the last of in an earlier installment of the series.

The images debuted on an episode of British chat show The One Show, with Davis talking about his time on the set of the J.J. Abrams-directed revival of the space opera franchise. While the actor declined to reveal any spoilers about the plot of the upcoming movie, he did share a couple of self-portraits from his time on set, guest-starring some familiar faces… well, crotches.

While Chewbacca’s appearance is unsurprising — the character has been named as appearing in the movie already — the second image is far more interesting, in that it appears to be Davis standing in front of Darth Vader. Does the villain of the original trilogy make a return from the dead in The Force Awakens, or is his appearance merely a flashback? An earlier image released via the @BadRobot Twitter account did offer a glimpse of Death Star architecture, supporting the flashback theory.

(There’s also another possibility — namely, what if that’s not Darth Vader, but another character following in his fashion footsteps? Perhaps that’s merely a Dark Lord of the Sith uniform that he was wearing all along?)

With the amount of secrecy surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s unlikely that we’ll have a definitive answer to the mystery of whether or not Darth Vader will show up in the movie ahead of its Dec. 18 release. Until then, we’ll have to just look to the Force for guidance — and hope for more clues in the next trailer.

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