The Wasp's Almost 'Avengers' Appearance, Revealed (Video)

Newly released animatic from Marvel's "Avengers" reveals that Janet Van Dyne -- aka "The Wasp" -- made it much farther into the movie than originally believed.

As every comic book fan knows, there was just one thing missing from Marvel's The Avengers, and her name was Janet Van Dyne. Yes, there were other founding members of the comic book version of Earth's Mightiest Heroes missing from Joss Whedon's summer extravaganza -- Hi, Hank Pym -- but only Janet had the kind of lengthy history with the team, including a lengthy stint as leader of the team, that made her absence particularly felt. Here's the thing, though: She almost made it into the movie, and a newly released animatic for a fan-favorite scene demonstrates where she would have fit in.

Four animatics made by artist Federico D'Alessandro made their way online this weekend, including two different introductions for Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man in the movie -- one of which would have seen him enter proceedings far earlier in the movie, trying to prevent Loki's escape from the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility at the opening of the movie -- and a slightly different take on the entrance of the aliens to Earth, complete with that famous scene where the camera pans around the team, except this time with added Jan.

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Whedon is on record saying that he tried to fit the Wasp -- Janet's superheroic alter ego -- into the movie, but couldn't find a way to do so that wouldn't make the already crowded movie just a little too busy. This animatic suggests that she made it much further than many had believed. Perhaps we'll get a small glimpse of her in Avengers 2 -- presuming, of course, that Edgar Wright hasn't done something with the character in his Ant-Man movie.