Watch Mark Hamill Test Conan O'Brien's Comic-Con Knowledge

Conan O'Brien Mark Hamill Split - Getty - H 2019
David Livingston and Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
The 'Star Wars' actor decided to put the 'Conan' host's assertion that he was a "Comic-Con expert" to the test.

It wouldn't be Comic-Con without a memorable appearance from Mark Hamill, and on Friday Conan's live broadcast from the 2019 San Diego event took full advantage.

At the top of the latest show, the Star Wars actor — who had just accepted SDCC's Icon Award during a panel for Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance — appeared onstage at Spreckels Theater to test Conan O'Brien's knowledge of the fan event with questions both basic and obscure.

First, Hamill challenged the TBS host's earlier assertion that he was a "Comic-Con expert": "You have much to learn, my young padawan," he said. The actor then began quizzing the host, starting with "What planet is Thanos from?", to which O'Brien correctly answered, "Titan."

Subsequent questions sparked straight (and more correct) answers: In what comic did Batman first appear? "Detective Comics #27"; What is the X-Man Storm's superpower? "Controlling the weather." But many answers were jokes and deemed correct. How do we know The Planet of the Apes takes place on Earth? "They're wearing MAGA hats." What Star Wars character scares men the most? "R2MeToo." How many Avatar moves are being produced? "Four too many."

One answer in particular provoked a wink to the audience from Hamill: If Superman arrived today, the president would tell him...? "To go back where he came from," O'Brien joked, referring to President Trump's recent remarks to four U.S. congresswomen of color.

O'Brien later broke into a laugh while attempting to deliver an answer to Hamill's query about what he likes to tell body builders: "These aren't the 'roids I'm looking for."

Watch the video in full below.