Watch 'Star Wars' Parody of '10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman'

Waking in NYC Parody
Lando Calrissian has never seemed so creepy

As it turns out, even a society as enlightened as that in Star Wars isn't immune to catcalling.

As proof, you can watch Princess Leia walk the streets of New York and encounter a number of familiar Star Wars faces, all of whom have something a little sketchy to say. Maybe Lando and Han weren't so charming after all. 

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This is (naturally) a parody of footage of a woman being harassed while walking the streets of New York. The video became a sensation last month, but also sparked a backlash, with critics complaining that no white men were featured in the video. 

Well, this video is trying to address that lack of diversity, showing not only that men of different races catcall women, but that men of different species (and movie franchises) are prone to doing so.

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