Watch 'Transformers' Planet Eater Take Shape

Hasbro teases the 27-inch-tall Unicron figure in a new process video featuring longtime designer Takashi Kunihiro.

The biggest Transformer in the franchise’s history might be about to become the biggest Transformers toy yet — and a new video from Hasbro’s HasLab demonstrates just how big the War for Cybertron Unicron could end up being.

The video, which features senior Takara Tomy product designer Takashi Kunihiro, who has been working on the Transformers franchise since the mid-1980s, constructing and then transforming the prototype for the figure from Planet Mode to Robot Mode, was released as proof of concept for the massive toy (27 inches tall in robot form, 30 inches as a planet), which is currently being crowdfunded as a project at Hasbro’s Hasbro Pulse portal.

The Transformers: War for Cybertron Unicron figure will only be released if the project has 8,000 backers by the end of the campaign on Aug. 31, with each paying an agreed-upon $574.99 fee. (At time of writing, 2,259 have signed up.) The figure will only be available to those signing up through this round of funding.

More details about the figure — including color shots in its two modes — and the HasLab funding model can be found here.