Watch the 'Uncharted' Fan Film Getting Praise From Naughty Dog

Uncharted Fan Film - H 2014
Courtesy of Martin Sofiedal
The director of the viral video gets a tour of the developer's offices

How committed to Uncharted is director and superfan Martin Sofiedal?

The Norwegian filmmaker dedicated three months of preproduction and four days of shooting and traveled 5,000 miles to Los Angeles to help one of his dreams come true: a meeting with video game developer Naughty Dog.

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Sofiedal's live-action fan film has gained 180,000 views since launching last month, and earned praise from Naughty Dog on social media. On Oct. 31, he got a tour of the Naughty Dog offices, where he says people were very complimentary.

"I saw a whole bunch of stuff from the new game," Sofiedal tells The Hollywood Reporter. "The new stuff they are doing is just crazy. It really, really looks good. Those guys are incredible." 

A big-screen adaptation of Uncharted has been long in the works, with Seth Gordon the most recent director attached to the project. Sofiedal says he went to Naughty Dog as an admirer of their work, not attempting to get a gig.

"I wasn't expecting them to go 'Hey! Here's a job offer,' " he says with a laugh. "They make games, not the movies." 

Sofiedal's Naughty Dog visit came two months into a trip to Southern California, where he has been working on other projects and taking language classes. He returns to Norway this week. 

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