'Watchmen' Honest Trailer Mocks Zack Snyder's "Self-Serious" Adaptation

"So get ready for one of the most self-serious films ever made."

With Suicide Squad coming out on Friday, the team over at Screen Junkies decided to examine another Warner Bros. superhero film, 2009's Watchmen.

The Honest Trailer begins by pointing out that before making the polarizing Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder made the equally polarizing film adaption of a comic book classic.  
"You've read the dark satirical comic, now get ready for the movie adaptation that transforms the complex characters and grounded realistic action into a gory version of The Matrix," says the narrator.

Malin Akerman's acting, the excessive shots of Doctor Manhattan's — ahem — private parts, and the denseness of the movie's plot are just a few things made fun of by the Screen Junkies.

Even Watchmen writer Alan Moore doesn't escape a few jabs thrown his way by the trailer. (Cue interview footage of Moore admitting to worshiping snakes.)

"So get ready for one of the most self-serious films ever made, that keeps shoehorning a happy face and features some of the most depressing, humorless characters in film arguing over what is and isn’t a joke," says the narrator. 

Check it out: