'We Can Never Go Home' Writer Signs 3-Book Deal With Black Mask Studios (Exclusive)

Patrick Kindlon's first book under the deal will be the horror series 'There’s Nothing There.'
Courtesy of Black Mask Studios
Patrick Kindlon's first book under the deal will be the horror series 'There’s Nothing There.'

Publishing and production house Black Mask Studios has signed a three-comic book deal with comic writer Patrick Kindlon, whose creator-owned comic book We Can Never Go Home was a breakout hit for the company.

Kindlon, who also penned Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Quake for Marvel, co-wrote Never Go Home with writing partner Matthew Rosenberg (Rocket Racoon, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank). The comic about super-powered teen misfits on the run was an indie publishing success in 2015 and is now in development as a television series.

Black Mask, home of books such as Godkiller and Sinatoro, was keen on more Never Go Home as well as other stories that Kindlon — who also fronts two hardcore rock bands, Self Defense Family and Drug Church — had in his noggin.

The first book under the deal will be There’s Nothing There, a horror series co-created with artist Maria Llovet and set for release in April. The tale centers on celebrity-socialite Reno Selleti, who joins a friend to an Eyes Wide Shut-type party mostly for the laughs, but it’s no joke when the twists kick in and themes of losing oneself in the bright lights and finding oneself at rock bottom are tackled.

Nothing There will be followed by a second volume of Never Go Home. That has not been dated.

The third title is still being determined.  

"Pat brings a real edge and fearlessness to his stories,” said Black Mask co-founder Matt Pizzolo. "It's the same passion you hear in his singing, but on the page it manifests as these dangerous characters living on the fringes of hypnotically intriguing worlds. And he's not afraid to push the boundaries, to shake things up, which is precisely the kind of approach comics needs right now. Comics needs bold ideas and disruptive thinking, and those are Pat's specialties."

Kindlon’s ties to Black Mask reach all the way to its first comic, the anthology Occupy Comics. He also co-wrote the company’s second book, Twelve Reasons to Die.

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