One Webcomic Platform Is Waiving Fees for Creators in April

Tapas Crowd Art - Publicity - H 2020
Lisa Ou/Tapas Media
Tapas Media, which bills itself as “the YouTube of comics,” will forgo taking a cut as the industry struggles.

With much of the Western comic industry on hold as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the webcomic arena is a rare example of new content being created and, more importantly, released with little change to its publishing schedule. To underscore webcomics’ current significance, one platform is launching a monthlong initiative to increase earning potential for creators.

Tapas Media, which has referred to itself as “the YouTube of comics,” is a platform of more than 60,000 webcomics and serials from more than 50,000 creators and has a monthly readership of over two million; those creators have the opportunity to monetize their work through multiple methods on the platform, including donations and advertising — and, for the rest of April, they will make more money than usual doing so.

As part of its "InThisTogether" program, scheduled to run through April 30, Tapas is waiving all fees associated with direct support and ad revenue programs, allowing creators to receive all revenue earned by each of the two program for the month. Traditionally, Tapas takes a 15 percent fee from the support program and 30 percent of advertising revenue earned.

"We’ve always believed in utilizing our engineering, business and financial resources to help our creator community thrive," Tapas editor-in-chief Michael Son tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We feel that our diverse community’s stories are incredibly important, especially during these times when so many people are sheltering in place. Their stories have the opportunity to provide entertainment, comfort, escape, catharsis, community and so much more."