Werewolf Detective Comic 'Lonesome Days, Savage Nights' Unveils First Look

Lonesome Days Savage Nights Preview
Szymon Kudranski/TKO Studios
The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek of the upcoming project.

The latest title from indie publisher TKO Studios is a hardboiled crime thriller with a difference: the private detective at the story’s heart doesn’t just harbor a grudge — he also harbors a werewolf alter ego. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive sneak peek before the title’s release next month.

Lonesome Days, Savage Nights centers around Stu Manning, a former cop whose days on the force came to an early end after an unexpected — and, to many, inexplicable — incident left him near death and almost insane. Now a private investigator with a chip on his shoulder, he’s out for revenge — a revenge that will involve letting his inner beast out… literally.

Steve Niles, co-creator of horror franchise 30 Days of Night, co-writes the title with TKO co-founder Salvatore Simeone (Eve of Extinction). Szymon Kudranski (Punisher, Action Comics) provides interior and cover artwork.

The title is part of TKO Studios’ third wave of releases, announced last month; other titles in the wave include sci-fi thriller The Pull, by Steve Orlando and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, and Redfork, a horror title by Alex Paknadel and Nil Vendrell.

Lonesome Days, Savage Nights will be released Nov. 9, and is already available for pre-order via the TKO site. Keep reading for the opening of the story.