Marvel Relaunches 'West Coast Avengers' as Young Hero Team

The comic book series will star teen hero Kate Bishop.
Stefano Caselli/Marvel Entertainment
The comic book series will star teen hero Kate Bishop.

With its relaunch of the core title less than a month old, Marvel Entertainment has already announced plans to expand the Avengers franchise into a second title. It’s one that is likely to thrill fans old and new alike, with the revived West Coast Avengers spinning out of the critically acclaimed recent Hawkeye run.

The new miniseries will be written by Hawkeye’s Kelly Thompson, with art by Stefano Caselli, and sees the titular star of the earlier series — Kate Bishop, teenage superhero turned Los Angeles-based private eye — gather a team of fan-favorite younger characters together for a very simple purpose: Keep L.A. in one piece.

“They all need and want something from being on that team together,” Thompson told Marvel.com. “Kate needs to help save L.A., and she needs help to do that because villains have taken notice that there are no Super Heroes out there. I think there’s part of her that misses [being on a team] too.”

Other members of the team include X-Men supporting character Quentin Quire, fourth-wall-breaking Gwenpool, dimension-hopping superstar America Chavez…and Bishop’s non-powered boyfriend Johnny, who might find that the superhero life isn’t what he expected. Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye, will also be a player in the series, with Thompson teasing that he “doesn’t want to admit how much it’s fun for him to mentor” the younger heroes.

The name of the new series is one that older fans will remember from the 1980s. The 1984 West Coast Avengers miniseries — which begat an ongoing series of the same name a year later — was the first time Marvel had successfully transformed the Avengers series into a franchise of its own. Before too long, it had been joined by Solo Avengers, with a multitude of other titles including New Avengers, Young Avengers and even Great Lakes Avengers.

The new West Coast Avengers is set to launch Aug. 22.

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