What If 'Aliens' Became a Sitcom? (Video)

A new parody video imagines a world where James Cameron's follow-up to the Ridley Scott horror movie was turned into a primetime sitcom.
Dorks of Yore

From the original Ridley Scott horror movie through the more action-genre hijinks of James Cameron's Aliens, quasi-arthouse leanings of Alien 3 and whatever-that-was Prometheus -- not to mention Alien: Resurrection and the Aliens Vs. Predator movies -- 20th Century Fox's Alien franchise has been through a lot of changes in its long history. However, it has never been a straight-up comedy -- until now.

Created by Dorks of Yore -- a YouTube channel featuring the work of Mad TV's Pat Kilbane and The New in Living Color's Melissa McQueen -- Aliens: The Sitcom suggests that Cameron's Aliens had been such a success in 1986 that it was spun off into primetime sitcom Hosts, with (as you'd expect) "hilarious consequences."

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Somewhere, someone at Fox is trying to work out if there's a way to make this work on a weekly basis (Spoiler: No). Still, at least now we have a great model for the final episode of Dads. Watch the video below: