What If Batman's Parents Were Still Alive?

Everything Bruce Wayne knows is wrong
Nerdist Industries

We all know the story by now: Ever since little Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered before his very eyes, he’s dedicated his life to the dual causes of justice and proving that criminals are both cowardly and superstitious. But what if Thomas and Martha Wayne weren’t quite as dead as Bruce thought they were?

“Batman’s Parents Aren’t Dead,” the first short from Nerdist Industries’ new comedy series Nerdist Presents, answers that very question with exactly the right amount of gravity and seriousness — which is to say, almost none at all (Spoilers: Bruce Wayne doesn’t deal with the news that well).

For fans of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, the stage show and podcast series that describes itself as “a new take on old-time radio,” the video is a must-see; written by TAH creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, it features that show’s Marc Evan Jackson, Paget Brewster and Mark Gagliardi as the Waynes (Jackson’s use of “Batman” as a verb is especially wonderful in its disdain: “Did you Batman him?”).

The video can be viewed on the Nerdist site. After you’ve finished, you’ll never doubt the usefulness of Alfred again.