What to Binge-Watch (and Read) Over Thanksgiving: A Geek's Guide

Darth Maul Clone Wars - H 2014
<p>Darth Maul in <em>Clone Wars</em>.</p>   |   Lucasfilm
What to watch and read over the holiday.

Thanksgiving weekend is all about binging, so why not feed your sci-fi/comic book side after gobbling down some turkey and stuffing?

Heat Vision's Aaron Couch and Graeme McMillan have a few recommendations — but we also want to hear from you. 

Aaron's recommendations:

The Borg binge (TV and film): Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: First Contact (we published an oral history of its making here), which pitted Picard against The Borg. There's a lot of Borg we could choose from, but for my money, the ultimate Borg binge includes episodes "Q Who," "Best of Both Worlds Part 1 and 2," "Family," "I, Borg" and First Contact. Yes, I know I'm missing the fun of Data's brother Lore commanding a group of Borg and Janeway destroying them all in Voyager — but this is almost seven hours of material. These are all available on Netflix. 

Misfits (TV):The British sci-fi series about a group of juvenile delinquents who are granted superpowers offers a rarity in the superhero TV space: brevity. It's first two seasons are only six episodes each (the perfect binge-watching portion), and Game of Thrones' Iwan Rheon gets to play a character who couldn't be more different than Ramsay Snow. The series had a soft reboot after season three (so that's a good section to shoot for) and is available on Hulu.

Vision (Comics): I've only read the first issue of the 2015-16 series, and I'm going to enjoy the rest over the holiday break. Writer Tom King and artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta's comic is something a few people have been recommending — and it seems appropriate for a family-oriented holiday, as it's all about The Vision moving to the suburbs and having a family. The first seven issues are available on the Marvel Unlimited subscription service — and apparently it's a touching (and heartbreaking) read.

Graeme's recommendations:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV): It's beginning to look a lot like Rogue One, as Bing Crosby once so memorably almost sang. If, like me, you're ready to get into the Star Wars mind-set once more, the fact that all five (and a half, if you count the "Lost Missions" release) seasons of the Cartoon Network series set between Episode II and Episode III are available on Netflix makes them a perfect way to return to a galaxy far, far away. Sure, some of the early episodes are a little rough, but by the time you hit the second season, it's far easier to stay on target. Don't forget: Ahsoka is the character you really want to keep your eye on, which fans of Star Wars: Rebels already know.

Damage Control (Comics): One of Marvel's hidden treasures has just been added to Marvel Unlimited, and it's a joy to read. Written by the incomparable Dwayne McDuffie with art by Ernie Colon and Kyle Baker, Damage Control is a sitcom about the guys who clean up after the big superhero fights and have to deal with disassembling giant robots in the middle of Manhattan or going after Doctor Doom for unpaid bills. It's as ridiculous as it sounds, but that's more than half the fun. Oddly enough, only the first and third volumes of the series are available on Unlimited, but don't let that stop you; every issue stands alone and works as a comedy master class.

DC Universe: Rebirth (Comics): DC's line-wide superhero relaunch is half a year old by this point, and it's reinvigorated the line in a way that few had expected, with classic characters seeming more alive (and more interesting) than they have in years. With more than half the line released on a two-week cycle, there's already plenty to catch up on for those dipping back in. (ComiXology has them all for sale digitally, if you're nowhere near a local store.) But if you're looking for specific recommendations, Green Arrow, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman and The Flash are all worth checking out.