What If DC Made 'Guardians of the Galaxy'?

Less Groot and Rocket, more doom and gloom.
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Writer/director James Gunn and Marvel know how to get the most fun out of their comic book adaptations. Just see Guardians of the Galaxy as proof. 

Rival studio DC, however, has taken a decidedly different tact. 

That's what makes this new, darker fan-made trailer for the 2014 Guardians film so jarring. The exuberantly colorful and charming trailer to Gunn's mega-hit adaptation underscored by classic rock tracks was recut by YouTuber Exploring the Internet with dark color-grading, a foreboding choral soundtrack and serious emotional tones that have become a hallmark of the DC Extended Universe.

Highlighting the most violent and emotional scenes from the film, such as villain Ronin's execution of a restrained Xandarian with an enormous mallet or the tragic death of Peter Quill's mother at the start of the film, the new trailer gives off a much different vibe than the original. "They will bathe the starways in your blood," Thanos grumbles — a significantly darker catch phrase than the original's "I am Groot."

Check out the fan-made trailer below.