What Happened With That Crashed Star Destroyer in the 'Force Awakens' Trailer?

The 'Star Wars: Battlefront' offers a clue about "The Battle of Jakku."
The 'Star Wars: Battlefront' offers a clue about "The Battle of Jakku."

A new trailer for the videogame Star Wars: Battlefront has been released, showing impressively lifelike footage of a battle on Endor during the events of Return of the Jedi. But it turns out that the game also will be a destination for those looking for advance information about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The new trailer, released Friday to coincide with a presentation about the game at Anaheim's Star Wars Celebration, not only shows a battle between Rebel forces and the Empire on Endor — including a cameo by a certain Dark Lord of the Sith — but also scenes of conflict on Hoth and Tatooine. However, it's been revealed that a future DLC for the game will be titled "The Battle of Jakku," named for the planet seen in the new Force Awakens trailer.

The free DLC, available Dec. 1 for those who pre-ordered and Dec. 8 for everyone else, will debut the eponymous battle, which is described by developer Dice as "a pivotal moment" in Star Wars mythology that happens "just after the victory for the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Endor." According to Dice design director Niklas Fegraeus, "These events lead up to that massive wrecked Star Destroyer that you saw in the [second teaser] for The Force Awakens."

It's another sign that Lucasfilm's revised approach to Star Wars canon and spinoff material, made public last year and best described as "everything counts," is being taken seriously. The Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens line of novels and comics has already been announced, giving important information about what happened between Return of the Jedi and this year's movie. And now it appears that Battlefront will be doing the same.

Star Wars: Battlefront will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Nov. 17, with the "Battle of Jakku" DLC following the next month.