A24 Releases Mysterious Teaser for Untitled Sci-Fi Project

Untitled_A24 - H 2017
The footage quietly dropped Wednesday.

The future is mysterious, unknown … and a time to move beyond.

A new teaser was released by movie studio A24 Wednesday with no information attached; even the YouTube upload is called simply "Untitled." Against a series of shots of scenes both mundane (a child running through grass, or kicking feet in a swimming pool) and disturbing (characters staring at screens, expressionless, or ergonomic mysterious pods), a shifting caption tells the viewer to "realize feeling," "feel bare," "bear witness," amongst other two-word instructions. The final caption reads, "Live Beyond."

What project the teaser is connected to is unclear. Aesthetically, it seems in line with the company's acclaimed sci-fi film Ex Machina. But the studio is saying nothing, leaving the possibility open that it might not actually be a movie at all. A24 has produced TV projects since 2014's Playing House, after all, and partnered with BitTorrent as a content provider in June 2016; it's possible that this could tease a BitTorrent-specific project.

According to the tweet attached to the video, the project is "in our near future." Expect details soon, in that case.