What 'Man of Steel' Looks Like With More Color (Video)

What if Superman's costume was red, blue and yellow?
Warner Bros. Pictures

One complaint that comic book fans had about Zack Snyder's Man of Steel was that it was so dark — literally. So what does the movie look like when it becomes brighter and more colorful? A new video reveals the answer.

Complaining that the "bleaker color grading borrowed from the successful Dark Knight films left Superman looking like a corpse from CSI," the folks at VideoLab, who created the video, worked to "restore the film's natural color." What that actually means is a colorized version of the footage, which attempts to match the color palette of 1978's Superman The Movie — but nonetheless, the results are eye-catching.

Running both versions of the footage next to each other, the voiceover asks, "Which version of the movie would you rather watch?" before doing the same to Superman footage from the first Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and suggesting that perhaps allowing the Man of Steel to be a little more colorful in that movie would provide a nice contrast to the Dark Knight's appearances — and maybe be more faithful to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns in the process.

Watch the video below, and judge for yourself if you'd rather see Superman "in color" in next year's superheroic throwdown.