What If 'Star Wars' and 'Batman v. Superman' Collided?

Star_Wars_Superman Mashup - H 2016
Bad news for those Batman fans out there.

As if inspiring Batman to be a better hero and form the Justice League — not to mention, sacrificing himself to save humanity — wasn't enough to prove that Superman is the superhero of the year, director Zack Snyder has one final card to play: revealing that Kal-El of Krypton can bring balance to the Force.

Following up on earlier images that mashed-up his Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with imagery from the Star Wars movies, Snyder took to social media service Vero to share a full trailer recasting the DC heroes as Jedi and Sith warriors.

The trailer — which bears the title Dark Side Knight v. Superjedi: Dawn of the Alliance, thereby proving that there really is a clunkier alternative to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice — has been met with suspicion online from fans upset that Batman would be a Sith Lord. Me, I'm more upset that Bruce Wayne apparently chose the Bat-armor over that sweet Darth Vader armor he was staring at earlier…